Chicago Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

Businesses today must find new ways to pull in potential customers and reach out to a wider audience. Having an organic search engine listing on Google, Yahoo! and Bing is a great way to fulfill this need. I offer to my clients a website solution built with SEO in mind. I will design the website around effective shopper/buyer keywords which will help to you reach out to your online customers.

I have been studying search engine algorithms for over sixteen years and have written a book on the subject which can be bought from The title of the book is: The Five Pillars of SEO. It describes that there are five main technical facets that drive the ranking decisions of sophisticated search engine algorithms such as Google which are: relevance, authority, site speed optimization, user experience design and security. I have used this system to great effect and impact on search engine rankings for my clients and they are extremely pleased with the results.

Google AdWords and Bing Ads Pay Per Click (PPC) Services

I have extensive experience managing both large and small scale PPC campaigns. I have worked on PPC campaigns in the past with budgets as large as $500,000 a year but also for clients with a spend of less than $2,000 a month. I am highly experienced promoting service related businesses as well as ecommerce product related businesses with both Google AdWords and Bing Ads. Regarding my largest PPC campaign, ultimately I saved the client $30,000 a month on PPC costs from their initial total budget of $60,000 a month while still achieving a high level of daily customer conversions.

I have recently had a new book on paid search administration, usability design and web analytics tracking published titled: The Every Click is a Customer System. The book describes the art and science involved in the process of making every paid click count toward a potential customer acquisition.

Facebook Ads Administration Services changed the landscape of online advertising forever in 2007 with their ground breaking ad platform which allowed for demographic targeting. Their ad platformed allowed ads to be shown to targeted ages, genders, incomes, and special interests. For instance, if you are an optical shop in Chicago and you want to run ads targeted to a group of people who had expressed interest in designer eyeglasses in Chicago then you could do this and also target it further to include their specific gender, age and income range. The other benefit of Facebook Ads is that the cost per click of their ads is significantly cheaper than Google’s AdWords platform. I encourage my clients in marketing to give Facebook Ads a try. With Facebook Ads as part of your digital marketing strategy you can really target the right audience and save on the cost per click in the process!

Consumer and Business Targeted Email Services

Studies have shown that the best return on investment you can make in digital marketing can be had from email marketing services. Email marketing is an excellent way to tap into your existing client base and offer them promotions and useful information which will help them stay connected to your brand and product or service offering at a cost which is far cheaper than traditional postcard mailings. If you have a .xls file of your customer´s email addresses I can set you up on a sophisticated SMTP email transmission application (which is CAN-SPAM act compliant) so that you can connect with all of them effortlessly through email.

I can also create custom designed email templates which will match your brand. It´s important that your emails are perceived as attractive to your existing client base or potential clients to better represent your company brand and better connect with your customers. With over sixteen years of graphic design experience under my belt I can create an appealing email template design which best matches your corporate brand identity and that is readable on all devices and that also provides visually engaging content such as video.

WordPress Blog Design and Development Services

I am an experienced designer and developer of custom WordPress blogs which can be of SEO benefit to a company. WordPress blogs are valuable for their real simple syndication (RSS) feeds which send blog content all around the web. A WordPress blog can also trumpet your company's recent business activities and successes. I can install a custom designed WordPress blog within your company website which will match your marketing brand and help promote your company in a dynamic way.