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My local Chicago advertising agency has offered clients in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs marketing services since 1999.

I offer clients a diverse range of traditional and digital marketing services including: website design, paid search administration, search engine optimization, web analytics tracking, email marketing, video editing, flash animated banner ads, and print design. I strive to offer my clients excellent, top-notch marketing services.

Digital Marketing

My digital marketing agency specializes in getting businesses listed in paid and organic search for local and global keywords. I am also certified by Google in their paid search platform and in web analytics. With this experience I can put an apt marketing strategy in place which will boost your web traffic and lead generation.

Mobile Web Design

The number of mobile web searchers continues to grow each year exponentially. These mobile web searchers require readable and engaging content fit for their specific devices. With this sea change in place, my digital marketing agency has fully adopted responsive web design as its approach to building web sites.

Corporate Client List

Over the years the quality of my work has opened doors for me with companies such as: IBM, Microsoft Advertising, Motorola, AT&T, Chicago Sun-Times, Classified Ventures, Reed Elsevier, Johnson Controls, Takeda Pharaceuticals, Emerson Electric, Anixter, College of American Pathologists, Domicile Furniture and Firestone Complete Autocare among many others.

Services ||| Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Video and Print

Paid Search Administration

I have extensive experience managing both large and small scale PPC campaigns. I have worked on PPC campaigns with budgets in the millions a year but also for clients with a spend of less than $2,000 a month. I am highly experienced promoting service related businesses as well as ecommerce product related businesses with both Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising.

I have recently written a new book on paid search administration, usability design and web analytics tracking titled: The Every Click is a Customer System. The book describes the art and science involved in the process of making every paid click count toward a potential customer acquisition.

Search Engine Optimization

Businesses today must find new ways to pull in potential customers and reach out to a wider audience. Having an organic search engine listing on Google, Yahoo! and Bing is a great way to fulfill this need. I offer to my clients a website solution built with SEO in mind. I will design the website around effective shopper/buyer keywords which will help you to reach out to your online customers.

I have been studying search engine algorithms for over sixteen years and have written a book on the subject which can be bought from Amazon.com. The title of the book is: The Five Pillars of SEO. It describes that there are five main technical facets that drive the ranking decisions of sophisticated search engine algorithms such as Google which are: relevance, authority, site speed optimization, user experience design and security. I have used this system to great effect and impact on search engine rankings for my clients and they are extremely pleased with the results.

Email Marketing

Studies have shown that the best return on investment you can make in digital marketing can be had from email marketing services. Email marketing is an excellent way to tap into your existing client base and offer them promotions and useful information which will help them stay connected to your brand and product or service offering at a cost which is far cheaper than traditional postcard mailings. If you have a .xls file of your customer´s email addresses I can set you up on a sophisticated SMTP email transmission application (which is CAN-SPAM act compliant) so that you can connect with all of them effortlessly through email.

I can also create custom designed email templates which will match your brand. It is important that your emails are perceived as attractive to your existing client base or potential clients to better represent your company brand and better connect with your customers.

Print Design

I have over twenty years of experience as a Chicago print designer. You can be assured that your project is in the very best of hands. I will take the time to work closely with you and the printer to make sure things run smoothly and that the print job is done right. My Chicago print production experience includes magazine advertisements, direct mail pieces, newspaper advertisements, elevated train platform advertisements, sell sheets, brochures, business cards, letterheads, technical data sheets, trade show booth posters, product labels and corporate identity logos.


My Chicago video services utilize excellent high definition cameras in the video capture process. With these broadcast quality cameras and a host of cutting edge software, I can develop and edit Blu–ray quality video and custom design Blu–ray menus. I also use the very best set of web compression tools available to assure that quality is not lost at the expense of lower bandwidth parameters if you want fast loading, crystal clear quality HTML5 web video on your website.

HTML5 Web Design

As an accomplished Chicago web designer with over twenty years of experience, I try my best to provide web design work that's a step above what other Chicago web designers provide. My Chicago web design experience includes CSS3/HTML5 programming, responsive web design, information architecture, banner ads, flash ads, internets, intranets, video editing and compression, search engine marketing, email ads, project management, WordPress blog design, content management systems, heuristic evaluation, QA, web analytics, wire frames and flow charts.

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SEO Book ||| Search Engine Optimization Theory

The Five Pillars of SEO gives entrepreneurs the ability to protect their company domain names from Google penalties and provides a system of how to predict future algorithm changes based on the concept of critical mass. It identifies five core areas of SEO: relevance, authority, site speed optimization, user experience design, and security and what is the general hierarchy of importance of each of these core areas of SEO to search engines such as Google today. Most important of all it provides an in-depth analysis of how to leverage each core SEO area to the maximum to power your company website above your competitors! It also provides insight on how to better manage your SEO projects so that your SEO campaigns can have clarity and focus. It also provides advice on how to hire the right SEO company and what protective measures you can take to insure your company's website domain name maintains a trusted reputation with the search engines (and is safe from the work of the company you hire!). With Google and other search engines cracking down hard on SPAM it has never been a more important time to ensure that your company website is protected from SEO penalties and is the kind of website Google and other search engines would gladly list on the first page. And given the deluge of emails from SEO consultants abroad selling their services it is important that entrepreneurs are better educated on the potential pitfalls that can arise from their services. Before you hand over the company keys to a outsourced SEO company you have not met with in person and have only interacted with on the phone it is highly helpful that you arm yourself with the knowledge contained in this book so that you do not fall prey to SPAMMY SEO which will penalize and deindex your company website.

PPC Book ||| Paid Search Administration Theory

The Every Click is a Customer System will explain how to acquire the most customer clicks from paid search traffic and how to convert the greatest number of potential customers who visit your website into buyers of your product or service offering. The author Steve Constable has been working in the digital marketing space for over twenty years and has developed a system from which one can glean the most quality, qualified traffic possible from every dollar spent on customer acquisition. Steve will teach you how to best leverage the open and available technology of Google Analytics, Google Ads and Bing Ads to reach out to the largest segment of online customers with your pay per click budget. He has developed powerful theoretical keyword delineation techniques which can work to filter out the unwanted paid search traffic which seeks only information and has no intent to purchase the product or service offering. With the information contained in this PPC and web analytics tracking book you can dramatically increase your revenue and cut out wasted paid search spend. It will also cover usability design techniques which will greatly improve your page design and win over more potential customers. Steve will also explain how to identify a customer persona identity from Google Analytics and how to build a page design which will best appeal to this target customer. From start to finish Steve layers the steps one must take to successfully navigate through deep digital marketing waters and come out with a website design and paid search administration configuration which will consistently be a success year after year.

Email Book ||| Email Marketing Theory

Successful Email Automation Sequences gives entrepreneurs the ability to connect with their customers over email in the proper context of what it is that they buy and sell. If you have ever wondered what is the right email automation sequence to utilize in regards to your business and its goals then this is the exact book for you. The fact is that some email automation sequences will work better in some industries and not in others. This book will break down by B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer) in both product based and service based businesses what are the right email automation sequences that will work best for each category of business. The author Steve Constable has over twenty years of experience in digital marketing and is considerably knowledgeable about how to bring success to B2B and B2C product and service based businesses through better marketing practices. This book will go down to the root level of what it is you sell and how your specific audience will expect to be treated in your email communications with them. And with a proper set of rules of communication in place that is specific to your industry you can always send your automated emails out with confidence that you are not fatiguing your audience or alienating them in any way. And also that you are reaching them in a manner that makes them want to open your email, read it thoroughly and then make a purchase. Email marketing is a channel that is unlike any other in the potential it has to deliver an exceptional return on investment. Selling to an audience which has bought from you in the past is a much easier proposition than converting cold traffic into paying customers. But to do so successfully requires that the right message is sent at the right times where your audience will be receptive and most open to your offer. If you want to send a timely message which will be warmly received by your customer base then you owe it to yourself to take action today and read this book.

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